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Welcome to Central Union Church Preschool and Kindergarten. Here, God’s natural beauty combines with caring people to create endless possibilities for Hawaii’s children.

Central Union Church Preschool and Kindergarten is all about family, and it starts with the nearly 200 families each year that trust us with the care, safety, and intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of their children.

Within a safe and comfortable campus environment, children are nurtured with love and respect. Each day is another opportunity for growth, as the critical transition from home to school takes place.

We are particularly proud of our front-line caretakers…our teachers. It takes a lot for a parent to entrust another with their child’s development, and we take this responsibility to heart with highly skilled, certified educators.

We also recognize the important contributions of every member of our school family, including the school and church staff, maintenance employees, personal school chef, and parents. All are critical to maintaining the safe, loving environment that allows our students to develop through hands-on play and self-realization.

What started in 1928 with 14 children has developed into what we are today…a Christian-based early childhood program that is a leader in its field.

Built on a foundation of faith…housed in a nurturing, caring environment…focused on instilling a life-long enthusiasm for learning and growing the spirit of Hawai’i’s most valued resource, its children…Central Union Church Preschool and Kindergarten is proud to be a part of so many island families.


Events & News

  • Snow Day
    Posted: Dec. 09, 2014
    Every year we are blessed with “snow” at Central Union Preschool & Kindergarten! (The “snow” is really fifteen tons of finely chopped ice donated by Unitek Solvent Services). This was our 11th annual Snow Day, and for many...
  • Fall Fitness
    Posted: Nov. 20, 2014
    CUPS students, sponsored by family and friends, jumped, skipped and danced through a series of fitness stations during Fall Fitness, the only major PTO fundraiser of the year. The 5-station circuit was designed to encourage fitness, promote fun and i...
  • Another Year Another Harvest!
    Posted: Nov. 03, 2014
    Thanks to our supportive families and the CUPS PTO, we are glad to continue the tradition of the annual Pumpkin Patch! Each classroom was escorted to the pumpkin patch by their teachers and a cowboy was present to teach everyone about pumpkins. After...