Historic Timeline


1928 Opens with the first class of 14 children.
1941 While other schools close after Pearl Harbor attack, the school obtains special permission to remain open.
WWII School undertakes wartime community support projects—Victory Gardens.
1948 Atherton Chapel is constructed.
1950 The school established as a separate entity from Central Union Church with its own staff. Innovations include afterschool groups for working mothers and accreditation from the first licensing entities. Preschool moves into the new educational building.
1968 The Curriculum Evaluation Committee is created.
1970 Develops a core of qualified and caring staff and volunteers that focus on broader experiences via field trips to places such as Honolulu Symphony and the Humane Society.
1980 Becomes one of the largest church-affiliated preschools in the state and receives national accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
1990 Establishes the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Scholarship Fund and begins fundraising for scholarships with events that benefit the Doris Rewick Tuition Assistance Fund. Becomes the host for the first ‘Oahu Early Childhood Director’s Meeting. Participates in the first World Forum on Early Care and Education.
2000-Present Opens an additional 4-year-old classroom and Toddler Program. Creates a Professional Development Program to encourage faculty to pursue college-level degrees in Early Childhood Education. Receives national accreditation (NAEYC) for 5 years.