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Christmas Chapel

We are very fortunate to have such amazing and talented children here at Central Union Church and Preschool. We had a wonderful time at our Christmas Chapel performing, “The Christmas Story,” the story of Mary, Joseph, and the birth of Jesus.  Voices rang throughout the chapel as the children sang a variety of songs including […]

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Snowy Day at Central Union Preschool

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us with our annual Snow Day event at Central Union Church and Preschool. Through your assistance, we were able to transform a grassy field into a winter wonderland and give our Keiki a chance to play with snow! (Even though it was really 15 tons of finely […]

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Fitness Fun!

We always have fun at our annual Super Star Fall Fitness Event! It gives our keiki a chance to play hard while learning about the importance of staying active and healthy. The Super Star Fitness Event includes an obstacle course with lots of fun and different physical activities and at the end they all receive […]

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