Blue Cottage

October 21, 2015

We had a Star of the Day sharing this morning from Luciana! Luciana shared with us her collage, and talked about her family and how she likes piano and ballet. She also shared with us a special snack of Melona bars, which we ate during outdoor play.

During Chapel, we learned from Room 9 that God and Jesus are our shepherds and we are the sheep being cared for. After chapel we took turns to working on our ghost t-shirts and ghost headbands which we’ll use this Friday for the Pumpkin patch!

October 19, 2015

We’re getting in the spirit of Halloween! Today we continued working on our spider and webs with Ms. Scudder. After a snack of crackers and orange juice, we enjoyed playing in the Big Playground. We were playing on monkey bars, making shadows, playing with Ms. Mary Ann, and even building with the foam blocks. Take a look at all the fun we had today!

October 1, 2015

Today in the Blue Cottage, we started our Purple Day activity. Everyone learned how to use scissors safely and we used it to cut a strip of purple paper into lots of smaller pieces. We then glued the pieces of paper onto a circle, triangle, square, oval or rectangle. During circle, we took turns showing each other our purple items we brought in to share. For snack, we enjoyed purple grapes! Happy Purple Day!



September 30, 2015

This morning, we began working on pumpkins that will go on our gate. We’ve been hearing lots of Halloween songs during circle, like “5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate.”

After a snack of crackers and string cheese, we enjoyed playing in the big playground. We drew on the sidewalk, played with foam blocks and more!



September 28, 2015

Now that our pinch pots are dry, we can begin painting them! We had so many colors to choose from and were really careful painting with this acrylic paint.
Today was Stella’s birthday, she’s now 3! Stella’s mom and dad were kind enough to share a special birthday snack with our classroom. Thank you for the mocha crunch, popcorn, apple juice, and mochi!
After snack, we had a special guest in the Blue Cottage, Pastor David! Thank you Pastor David for joining us today for our hot dog lunch! 

 September 23, 2015


What a busy morning we had! We started the day in chapel where Pastor Brandon told us the story of Jonah and the whale. Mrs. Butin helped us sing "Jonah and the Whale" and "This Little Light of Mine."

After chapel, just when we started to work in our centers, the fire drill went off. We all knew what we had to do so we quickly lined up and headed out to the grassy area in front of the church. When we were given the all clear, we headed back to class to clean-up for a snack of crackers and vanilla yogurt. 

After snack time, we got to go to the big playground for outdoor play, where trucks and balls were available. Take a look at all the fun we had today! 


September 4, 2015

Today the children continued to learn the days of the week, month and year of the calendar during morning circle time. We also got to visit Mrs. Butin for our first music lesion. The children had a blast jumping around and learning about Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear. Outdoor play was a little wet today but the children enjoyed the cool day.


May 21, 2015

The school year is almost over and we still have so much to learn! Today we learned a new letter, “O” for “ox” and we took turns guessing what other words start with the letter “O”. We were also able to sing many songs today such as “Brush, Brush, Brush” from Mr. Steve, our Hawaiian Colors song, and our Finger Family Song.

During centers, a  few of us made a new batch of green playdoh. We made the playdoh out of flour, salt, water, oil, and cream of tartar. Some children also had a chance to make cereal bracelets! We used pipe cleaners and laced on colorful Fruit Loops.

Don’t forget! The last week of school is SPIRIT WEEK! 



April 14, 2015

What a beautiful surprise we had this morning! Our eggs that were placed in an incubator hatched early this morning and we each took turns looking at our 2 new friends. We are discussing what we should name the chicks and if they were boy chicks or girl chicks. 

May Day is coming up soon and we’re getting ready for our performance by practicing our Lei Day songs and dances. Today we showed Ms. Larrua what we have been practicing and learning so far. We can’t wait to show off our dance!

During outdoor play, we had a chance to play kickball and basketball. We also drew on the sidewalk with chalk and paint. 



April 7, 2015

It was another great day here at the Blue Cottage. Mrs. Butin came into our room for Music time where we practiced our songs for Lei Day. In addition to singing songs, we also practiced instruments like the drums and a triangle.

During snack time, Cecily shared her omiyage (gift from her recent trip to Japan), called “unagi pie”, which was actually a sweet Japanese wafer cookie. Thank you Cecily! 


March 3, 2015 Girls Day!

Today is Girl’s Day and Auntie Yuko came in to the Blue Cottage to teach us about this special day. Together we made Hinamatsuri dolls of an emperor and empress, made of pink and blue cups and construction paper. After our crafts, we made our own white and pink chichi dango. Auntie Yuko also shared with us special snacks to eat on Girl’s Day, such as hina-arare crackers and kazari sushi (decorative sushi made of nori, rice, and egg).  

During circle time, we read the story Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr. We talked about baby animals and grown up animals, as a little introduction to our Life Cycles unit.


What a great day we had at the Blue Cottage!



February 23, 2015

Today we celebrated Lotus' birthday! Thank you to Lotus' ohana for bringing in a fruit platter, yogurt, and shortbread cookies to share with everyone.

After singing Happy Birthday, we had circle time where we practiced our letters and learned a new one, the letter "P". We learned that "P" is for pig and practiced writing our letters on the white board. We also worked on identifying shapes, such as paper being a rectangle and the Earth being a circle.

It was a nice sunny day so during playtime, we went outside to ride bikes, play ball, and paint. Last Friday we took a vote on our new Playdoh color and we voted PURPLE as our new color!

It was a great day!