Orange Cottage

October 1, 2015

Happy Purple Day! Today the children experimented making three different shades of purple paint by adding different amounts of white paint. After we created our paint, we made our handprints. Mahalo to Dillon’s family for the delicious purple grapes, purple sweet potatoes and taro rolls which we enjoyed during lunch!


August 27, 2015

What an amazing first day of school! The children are getting to know one-another and are forming new friendships quickly! On the student’s first day back, we did some drawing and painting. We also learned the rules of each of our play centers. Our 3 main rules are:

  1.        Take care of ourselves
  2.        Take care of others
  3.        Take care of our environment

We are looking forward to learning together this school year.





March 11, 2015





It was another hot summer day so we put on our swim suits and played in the water! We each had a bucket of water to play in and we ran the hose so it would spray water at us in all directions. After playing in the water, we got to eat yummy snacks like grapes, palm leaves, and popsicles. Thank you to the Yoo family and Greico family for these delicious treats. Check out the pictures of all the fun we had today.